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In 1988, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer and the prognosis was grim: he figured he had about a year to live, and that’s when Fenn started to formulate a plan to bury some of the treasure he’d acquired over the years, leaving clues to its whereabouts.“It had been so much fun building my collection over the decades,” he later wrote, “why not let others come searching for some of it while I’m still here?Among them is a peace pipe that apparently belonged to the Lakota Sioux tribal chief Sitting Bull.

Neitzel was led to the haul by a short six-stanza poem found in a book.” In the event, it took him more than 20 years to go through with the plan, by which time his cancer was long-gone.In 2010 he self-published a book, The Thrill of the Chase, a memoir packed with clues and a poem leading to the treasure chest.And each time I go to the Rockies searching I spend about a thousand or two on gas and accommodation.” But, Neitzel says, “If I desperately needed the money, I wouldn’t be able to afford to go looking for it.” Fenn lives with his wife in a beautiful house surrounded by trees in the hills overlooking Santa Fe, just a short drive from the art gallery he used to own and where he made his fortune.A cacophony of dogs greets me as I pull into his long driveway and I slow to a crawl in order to avoid the smallest one.

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