Carbon dating fake

Of course, by the time I realized it – the buyer had disappeared.

Only way I knew was by holding it side-by-side with a ‘real’ one and felt the weight difference.

Just try turning off your i Phone, computer, and the ten televisions playing Trump news while you're running on the treadmill at the local gym. We wanted to see not only how it might affect their subjective feedback but also objective data-based feedback as well.

Would they rate the fake as highly in categories like look and feel?

I am interested to know if another test be done between a real Scotty (with total weight 461.46 g) and a real Scotty (with total weight 423.6g by adjusting down its moveable weight).

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The stories that most influence us these days are the stories told by advertisers. DID YOU KNOW: If only 4% of My Golf Spy readers donated, we would be able to double our equipment testing in the next 12-months.I hear of cheap putters putting lights out all the time. I have no desire to provide aid and comfort to thieves.It’s simply a piece of flat square aligned metal with no flex involved. That said, if someone is so inclined to search out fakes to purchase, they are doing so for the bling factor on the cheap and have no interest in performance.While scores were identical for of the real Scotty Cameron, ever so slightly higher for both Feel and Alignment.At distances of 5 and 10 feet, both putters performed identically; requiring exactly the same number of putts to complete the test.

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