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The 41-year-old is married to actor Paul Bettany, whom she met while filming ‘A Beautiful Mind.’Then: Banks played Malik’s fellow track star and eventual girlfriend.It was the film debut for the swimsuit model, who had previously appeared on episodes of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and as one of the morphing faces in Michael Jackson's ' Black or White' video.Now: The former talk show diva barely acts these days, but she still has a quite a TV presence as the star and executive producer of ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ Then: Regina King played Monet, a freshman at Columbus University.

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) His biggest role of the last couple years has been lending his unique voice to the ‘Pound Puppies’ cartoon series.

Then: Ice Cube played the hotheaded, Frederick Douglass quoting Fudge in ‘Higher Learning.’ It was his second movie with director John Singleton, having made his film debut in 1991’s ‘Boyz n the Hood.’Now: Ice Cube continues to make his improbable transition from gangsta rapper to star of family entertainment (‘Are We There Yet’) and cuddly product pitchman (Coors Lite).

Then: Connelly played lesbian activist Taryn who takes Kristen under her wing.

In Spokane, an elite government killer goes rogue on the day that engineer Allen Campbell loses a promotion and finds his best man with his wife.

Allen goes drinking that night and chats up a stranger who turns out to be Jonas, the hit man.

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