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The council's credit card policy bans cardholders from using the card for "personal or unauthorized purposes," though the seven-page document doesn't define what those are.

Instead, cards must be used for "legitimate city business purposes." Again, no definition is provided.

Cannizzaro, who has publicly endorsed Charbonnet and is among her closest public supporters, took the unusual step Thursday of publicly disclosing the complaint.

Cantrell also charged to her City Council credit card ,602 in meals and other expenses that she repaid with her own money after she entered the mayor's race.

But she said the timing of her July 2017 check - just days after qualifying for mayor - was not evidence of wrongdoing.

Rather, anticipating what she called a level of scrutiny associated with a mayoral campaign, she said she wrote the personal check "just to be real cautious and just making sure - clearing up any gray areas, if any." Stuart, the Charbonnet campaign spokesman, said Friday that Cantrell's reimbursements don't absolve her from using public money for purchases that she can later decide she should have paid for herself.

The expenses were among hundreds of records independently verified in a review by | The Times-Picayune after the campaign of her opponent, former judge Desiree Charbonnet, accused Cantrell of improperly using taxpayer dollars to cover personal and campaign expenses.

Cantrell rejected those allegations in an interview Friday (Oct. There were no council regulations or policies that barred her from using campaign funds or personal money to pay for credit card charges that reflected her work as a councilwoman, she said.

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