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In the house, you can see the original windows, spiral staircase winding around an old ship's mast. Based in Southside Street on the historic Barbican,it was operating at least as long ago as the 16th century, and was open when Sir Francis Drake played bowls on Plymouth Hoe before turning his attention to the Spanish Armada.

The image includes: Kate Warren (holding the baby), John Francis Warren (child standing) and George Warren (the baby).

He was the first explorer to set foot on what are now the Hawaiian Islands, where he died in 1779.

In 1831 Charles Darwin left Plymouth for the Galapagos Islands, where he formulated his revolutionary theories of natural selection and the Origins of Species.

After a sound 127 years of service, Smeaton's Tower had become a landmark dearly loved by Plymouth's residents.

Although new technology had now superseded Smeaton's Tower, in 1882 Plymouth's locals raised funds to have it dismantled and re-erected on Plymouth's Hoe – a testament and a tribute to Smeaton's engineering brilliance.

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