Gloriana band members dating

However, last year the then-foursome were surprised to find out in the media that member Cheyenne Kimball was leaving the group to go solo.

Once the shock was over, the group pulled together and became more united in their approach.

It was the highlight of my year," she says, with more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice. If we feel like there's something going on, we'll figure it out. "That is the kind of shit you go through when you're young and dating.

That was where the song came from." Reinert said writing about past relationships comes easy. It's even that much more difficult when you're in the spotlight." "Trouble" is the lead single from the trio's upcoming Emblem/Warner Bros.

We were on tour, and we would take every little chunk of time when we weren't playing, we'd get into a studio. Then we rented a house in Bozeman, Mont., and recorded in this garage. We also cut at [producer] Matt Serletic's studio in Los Angeles, and it was mastered in New York.

So it was a nationwide record," he quips, "but I think it all fell in place." Gloriana 'Shake' It to Another Hit Mike Gossin said he feels that the music on the album is very reflective of where the band was at both a personal and professional level during the recording.

After what has been one of the craziest and most unpredictable years of their career, the members of Gloriana -- brothers Mike and Tom Gossin, and Rachel Reinert -- are happy to have the total focus on where they want it to be -- their music. It's a song about a guy and a girl on the first date.

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If you had 12 awesome uptempo songs, you might have to rethink it. I think that on this record, we thought more about it before we made it." No release date has been announced for the album, which will be their third.

He said 'Listen, be true to yourself, and write from the heart.

People will like it if it's real." And, it doesn't get any more 'real' than the past few years for Gloriana. "It really feels that right now we're seeing the clearing of the clouds.

We put out our first record in 2009, and most of it was written and worked on in 20. I think there was a lot that we really didn't understand.

I don't think we realized just how blessed we were.

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