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He wants to feel 100% accepted and loved for who he is.

If you show him you’re in touch with your heart and express yourself - fully and fearlessly - he will feel safe to be himself around you, too.

Read on to learn the keys to making him feel you’re the one woman he can truly let himself go with.

I know how dark and painful that place is, and I’m living proof that you can come out on the other side of it – no matter how bad it seems.If you don’t want to receive any more interviews, simply let me know and I’ll stop your subscription. Your husband or boyfriend will begin to open up more to you and be compelled to spend time with you. He will step up and be pro-active to meet your needs and desires, simply because he wants to. All this will happen because you will feel more relaxed and safe to express who you are, and he’ll feel safe to be himself around you.But you’ll keep access to the FREE INTERVIEW no matter what! You’ll find yourself actually doing less for the relationship and yet feeling more adored and cherished as a result.I know it’s possible to transform your love life because I’ve done it myself.I turned my own on-the-verge-of-a-divorce marriage into something incredibly intimate, utterly romantic and now over 20 glorious years strong.

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